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How to run Facebook and Instagram Ads for a Real Estate Agency in 2020

The Task

We were tasked by our client Shew Properties to create Facebook, Instagram and Google pay-per-click advertising campaigns for their latest project, Notting Hill Condos.

The goal was simple: generate as many leads as possible with the budget allocated to us by our client.

Google Ads Budget : $50 a day ($1500/month)

Facebook Ads Budget : $100 a day ($3000/month)

Our Solution

We created multiple ads and a/b tested them until we found what people were responding best to. We also created a bot that would message anyone who interacted with our ads on Facebook with incentives like floor plans and blueprints of the condo immediately to ensure any leads we got were responded to immediately. This raised conversions dramatically.

lead funnel 2

Ad Number 1

The first ad was a slideshow of highly detailed mock-up images detailing how the interior and exterior of the pre-construction condo project would look after completion.

Ad Example 1 Slideshow Gif

Why did it work?

It was eye catching, informative, detailed, easy to follow, and required little to no effort or energy from the user viewing the ad to submit a contact form since they didn’t have to navigate to a landing page and Facebook auto filled most of the information for them when they clicked “Learn More”

Ad Number 2

The second ad was a video we had our film team produce from scratch by scouting the area around the development for beautiful eye catching scenery and useful amenities that would appeal to a potential home buyer. Our data shows us that with Facebook video ads the average view time is around 8 seconds long so you don’t have much time to grab the viewers attention, this is why powerful imagery is very important to grab the viewers attention.

toronto videography behind the scenes instagram and facebook notting hill 1

Why did it work?

Facebook’s algorithm actually favors video content and prioritizes it over other advertisements but that was not the only reason this ad actually outperformed anything else we created. Video ads say a lot about your company and what level it is at, most smaller less organized businesses lack the infrastructure to put a professional video together. What this means is that you are immediately building trust and recognition for your brand granted that your ad isn’t terrible. Next up was the eye catching scenes we filmed, we actually researched the top views in Etobicoke to find something that would grab the viewers attention in seconds. 

Conclusion and Observations

The video ended up generating an average of 11 leads per day vs the slideshow ad which generated an average of 6 leads per day. We also noticed the videos ads generated a lot of engagement from viewers in the form of likes and comments. You may notice below that some of the comments were negative, we actually believe that these specific negative comments are not necessarily a bad thing. Notice how someone who clearly has no interest in purchasing our product still knew exactly what we were selling and felt compelled to react to it. Comments like these indicate that the ad was designed well enough to capture peoples attention and drive them to interact with it. We applied the same concepts we learned to our other ad campaigns and noticed it was a reoccurring trend that people engaged with our video ads more frequently

tretti condos engagement example

The average age of people who converted was 25-34 years old, we believe the reason for this was just that social media and googling for solutions is more common among this age group.

Ads performed pretty much the same at most times of the day, except for the average sleeping hours in Ontario (12-6 AM) We also noticed just slightly more females interacted with our ads than males, this is pretty standard in the advertising game and there is a number of theory’s as to why this is so I won’t get into it in this article. Over all the numbers were still very close which supports that if you are running real-estate ads you should target all hours of the day minus sleeping hours and you should target both males and females.

Conversions at different times of day

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