Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

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Our marketing and development teams will create and develop engaging, converting Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns with integrated conversion tracking for your business.

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What is Pay-Per-Click? (PPC)

Have you ever seen ads pop up on Facebook, Instagram or perhaps even Google? These ads generate hundreds of clicks per day and can be targeted towards people based on data collected by search engines, cell phones, web pages, mobile applications and more. Maybe you’re looking to purchase some dog food because you just ran out recently and an ad for dog food conveniently pops up out of nowhere, as if it read your mind. This isn’t likely to be a coincidence. Search engines know what you’re in the market for by utilizing a large variety of tools and programs that data mine you on a daily basis. We utilize these very same resources to find clients that are in the market for your service or products and send them your way.

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How can PPC benefit me?

Increase Conversions Quickly

By sending ads to people who are most likely to be interested in your products or services we can boost your conversion rates at a cost unmatched by more general marketing strategies. Our team can determine exactly who your competition is, how much they’re spending on their ads, their marketing strategy and exactly how we can beat them together.

Reach The Right Audience

PPC campaigns allow us to choose when, where and who ads will appear to based on a number of factors including if a buyer expressed interest in your service or product, keywords, location, website, device, time, date and much more. This flexibility allows you to bring your products and services in front of the right audience.

Build Brand Authority

We can use PPC campaigns to target people showing interest in your product or service so that they constantly see your ads, which will help you get ahead of your competition and increase awareness of your brand. Establishing your business as an authority and leader in your industry is pivotal to succeeding in today’s evolving market

What's Included?

Automatic Lead Alerts

As soon as a lead comes in you will be immediately emailed the lead information by our system. Did you know the odds of turning a lead into a conversion drop by 80% if you wait over 5 minutes to contact a lead? We understand that speed matters, which is why we designed our alert system to be as fast as possible.

Ad Writing

Our marketing team will write creative and intuitive ads that capture the attention of the viewer.

Ad Design

Our design team will create an eye catching image that captures the attention of people who come across your ad.

Consumer  Research

We will research your clientele so that we can target your ads to the people who want to see them most. Factors we look at include
relationship status, geographical location, age, interests & hobbies, employment, average income, etc.

Competitor  Research

We will research your competitors and study their ads, keyword targets, placements, engagements and more to see what is working for them and incorporate it into your campaign after your approval.

a/b testing

We will test different ads and landing pages to pick one that our data shows performs best.


Landing Page Design

Our developers and designers will create an eye-catching, intuitive web page to inform people about your product or service. Our web pages come equipped with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel tracking cookies that allow us to re-target anyone expressing interest in your product or service and record information about how your web page is performing.

Mailchimp Remarketing

Our marketing team will import leads from your ads into a Mailchimp campaign so that we may re-market to them with an email ad disguised as a mail letter that offers value and doesn’t feel like an advertisement. Through this campaign we can target your past customers as well as people who visited your landing page but were not ready to make a purchase at the time at a later date. Mailchimp is highly effective for re-marketing because it allows us to keep your products or services fresh in the buyers mind so that when they are able to make a purchase they will choose your company due to the fact you have cultivated trust with them.

Facebook Messenger Bot

Our marketing team will create a bot and use it to send lead magnets to users who click on your ads. Anyone who interacts with the bot will be added to a remarketing list that we are able to send facebook message blasts to at any moment in time to advertise your services, events, products & more. Unlike email marketing which has an open rate of 17.92%. Facebook message bots have an average message open rate of 80% and is the quickly becoming the industry standard tool for remarketing.


Our videography team will create an eye-catching and creative video for your brand. Videos can convey much more information than single images can and viewers are 95% more likely to remember a call to action after watching a video, compared to 10 percent when reading it in text format according to Forbes

Certified By Google to Manage Your Ad Campaigns

Our Process

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Case Study

We were tasked by our client Shew Properties to create Facebook, Instagram and Google pay-per-click advertising campaigns for their latest project, Notting Hill Condos.The goal was simple: generate as many leads as possible with the budget allocated to us by our client. The goal was simple: generate as many leads as possible with the budget allocated to us by our client. Read more>

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"We were really happy with the results of Maple Media's Facebook, Instagram, and Google campaigns.. we were able to get 500+ leads of people looking to buy condos in Toronto over the course of one month"
Jeffrey Shew
Agent at Shew Properties


Brett Boley
Brett Boley
Google Review
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I hate writing reviews and I rarely find the time to anyway, but I've worked with three different marketing companies in the last year and received little to no return from the leads they provided. After constantly phoning leads and being told by the "lead" that they have no idea who I am or what my business is, I decided it's time to stop outsourcing abroad to save a buck and start working with local companies. The best thing about Maple Media is that they seem to actually CARE about their customers and clients -- not to mention I've already made my return on investment multiple times over. Whenever I had an issue I just called Sean and communicated what I wanted adjusted and it was done immediately. Our HVAC company doesn't even have enough staff to deal with all the new clients we've obtained.
Johan Beugelsdijk
Johan Beugelsdijk
Google Review
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Had an amazing experience working with their film team. I can recommend this to every person!
Christian Neilson
Christian Neilson
Google Review
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Had a great experience with Maple Media. They asked the right questions and delivered professional results quickly. Would definitely pick them again.